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sensorSensor solutions Power/mation offers customers a comprehensive array of sensor technology options. Each sensor product is backed by manufacturers that are committed to product development and engineering excellence -- giving you sensor selections that are on the forefront of new and innovative technology.

Power/mation’s sales engineers are trained experts at evaluating your application and selecting a cost effective and reliable solution for your needs.

Our sensor and switch technologies options include:

    Linear Displacement Transducers
    Linear Feedback Devices
    Programmable Limit Switch
    Rotary Limit Switch
    Rotating Cam Limit Switch
    Level Measurement

    Laser Light Guaging
    Pick To Light
    Measuring Array
    Vision Sensors
    Part Sensing Array
    Color Mark
    Color - True
    Fiber Optic
    Optical Touch Button
    Vehicle Detection
    Slot - Photoelectric
    Safety Light Screens - Type 4
    Fiber Optic Safety Systems
    Safety Light Screens - Type 2
    Sensor Accessories

    C- Face Ring Sensor Kits - Hall Effect Sensor - Quadrature
    C- Face Ring Sensor Kits - Magnetic Pickup

  Photoelectric (Diffuse, Background Suppression, Reflex)
  Clear Material Detection
  Light Grids

    Limit Switches
    Snap Action Switches

    Incremental Shaft Encoders
    Incremental Hollow Bore Encoders
    Incremental Motor Mount Encoders
    Absolute Shaft Mount Encoders
    Absolute Hollow Borrow Encoders
    Linear Cable Encoder
    Linear Torsion Arm Encoder
    Linear Rack and Pinion Encoder
    Stainless Steel Encoders
    Encoder Accessories
    Custom Encoders
    C- Face Ring Sensor Kits - Encoder

    Limit Switches

    Instrinsic Safety Barriers

    Tension Control Load Cells
    Dancer / Follower Arm Position Sensor

    Tension Dancer Arm Position
    Tension Diameter Sensor
    Tension Load Cells


    Proximity - Inductive
    Proximity - Capacitive
    Cylinder Position Sensors
    Temperature Monitors
    Ultrasonic B1097
    Rotary Encoders - Absolute
    Rotary Encoders - Incremental
    Encoders - Linear Draw Wire
    Encoders - Linear
    Connectivity - Cord Sets
    Connectivity - Junction Boxes
    Connectivity - Receptacles
    Connectivity - Splitters and Tees
    Connectivity - Field Wireables
    Sensors - Interfaces
    Machine Safety
    Machine Safety - AS-interface
    Networks and Fieldbus Products
    Networks - CANopen
    Networks - DeviceNet
    Networks - EtherNet/IP
    Networks - Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP
    Networks - FOUNDATION Fieldbuss
    Networks - PROFIBUS PA
    Linear Displacement Transducers
    RFID - Tags
    RFID - Transceivers
    RFID - Gateways
    RFID - Handheld

    RTD's and Thermisters
    Infrared Temperature Sensors



Our Sensor Vendors

Banner Engineering
9714 Tenth Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441
Telephone: (763) 544-3164
Telephone: 1(800) 809-7043
FAX: (763) 544-3213

741 - F Miller Drive
Leesburg, VA 20175
Telephone: (571) 258-2105
FAX: (703) 669-1302

7550 Hub Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44125 USA
Telephone: 800.321.8072
Fax: (216) 642-2199

8900 Zachary Lane North
PO Box 9000
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Telephone: 763.424.7800
Fax: 763.424.8734

1421 Champion Dr. Suite 308
Carrollton, TX  75006
Telephone: (866) 289-2899
FAX: (972) 685-6957

Crouzet USA
170 Technology Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
Telephone: 800.677-5311
FAX: 800.677.3865

Encoder Products Company
464276 Highway 95 South
P.O. Box 249
Sagle, Idaho 83860
Telephone: 208-263-8541
FAX: 208-263-0541

6723 Lyons St.
East Syracuse, N.Y. 13057
Telephone: (866) 547-7206
FAX: (315) 701-0319

1175 Elko Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2209
Telephone: (408)747-0550 / (800)262-IDEC(4332)
FAX: (408)744-9055 / (800)635-6246

Maxcess International
P.O. Box 26508
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
Telephone: 405-755-1600

560 Oak Grove Parkway
Vadnais Heights, Minnesota 55127
Telephone: 651-484-5900
FAX: 651-286-1099

Turck USA
3000 Campus Drive
Plymouth MN 55441
Telephone: (763) 553-7300
Telephone: (800) 544-7769
FAX: (763) 553-0708