Machine Vision

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visionPower/mation delivers cost effective vision solutions. We offer a flexible array of packaged platforms including vision sensors, smart cameras, powerful embedded systems that can deploy line scan and high resolution area scan cameras, and high speed, multiple camera PC-based systems. Power/mation also offers components that maximize image optimization for your existing system. We support analog, digital and web-enabled cameras, the highest quality halogen and LED illumination, and high resolution, low distortion optics.

Our vision solutions include:

    Vision Sensors
    Vision Lighting
    Indicator Lights Lighting
    Vision Software
    Vision Accessories



    Custom Camera Cables
    Camera Link Cables
    GIGe Ethernet Cables


Our Vision Vendors

Banner Engineering
9714 Tenth Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441
Telephone: (763) 544-3164
Telephone: 1(800) 809-7043
FAX: (763) 544-3213

10 Austin Boulevard
Commack, NY 11725 USA
Telephone: +1-631-858-8400
FAX: +1-631-543-3963