Employee Benefits

From medical and dental to continuing education and “Power Hours,” Power/mation has some of the best employee benefits in the industry. Here are the many benefits you will enjoy as a valued member of our team:

Group Medical Plan
New employees are eligible to participate in the medical plan on the first of the month following the date of hire. The plan is co-paid by the employee and the cost is determined by the coverage category chosen. Single, two-person, and family coverage is available.

Group Dental Plan
New employees are eligible for this plan the first of the month following the date of hire. Services featured in this plan include preventative services, basic services, endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, and major restorative. The cost is determined by the coverage category chosen. Single, two-person and family coverage available.

Cafeteria Reimbursement Plan
This flexible benefit plan allows an employee to allocate pretax dollars from their bi-weekly paycheck to pay for medical, dental and dependent care expenses. This benefit may allow the employee to reduce state, federal and FICA taxes by setting aside pretax dollars to pay for these expenses.

Retirement Profit Sharing Plan 401(K)
This plan allows an employee to save money on a tax deferred basis to build a financial reserve for retirement, share in company profits and reduce their current taxes. An employee may save up to 75% of their income (not exceeding the applicable dollar limit in effect under Federal law) in the plan after one month of service. After the employee has completed twelve months of service, the company will begin to match an employee's contributions up to 4%. There are a variety of investment funds in which to have money invested. An annual discretionary profit sharing contribution may be added to the plan by the Company for employees who have completed twelve months of service.

Personal Days Off
This plan provides employees with an accrual of paid time off to be used for vacations, sick leave or for any other personal reasons. Each employee accrues hours of time per pay period based on length of service.

Educational Assistance Plan
After six months of employment, educational assistance is available to employees wishing to pursue further education or take specific courses. Approved courses must have a direct job related application. The amount of reimbursement is determined by the grade earned at the completion of the course.

Continual Training
Employees are given the opportunity to participate in on-going product training offered by Power/mation and the manufacturers the Company represents.

Power/mation observes eight paid holidays during the year. In addition to these holidays, employees may take their birthday and service anniversary day off with pay.

Power Hours
For every month Power/mation meets its sales goals, each employee receives one Power Hour, which is redeemable for an hour of paid time off.

Direct Deposit Paychecks
Paychecks are directly deposited to the employee's account of choice on a bi-weekly basis.



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