Power/mation automation experts Andrew Jagger and Meldia Sharpe ask Tom Filipek the tough questions to see just how fast you can get Horner’s new OEE Solution Kit up and running.

Introducing the Horner OEE Solution Kit

Hi there, this is Andrew Jagger, business development manager for controls products here at Power/mation. We are here to discuss the new OEE solution from Horner Solutions Group.

OEE stands for overall equipment efficiency or overall equipment effectiveness and it is a percentage measure of how much output your machine is creating. Traditionally, OEE was recorded manually and it is still hand-recorded by operators and technicians at some non-automated facilities.

To calculate OEE you need to record things like downtime, changeovers, and the quality of products coming directly off the line. With Horner’s new solution product we can collect all of that data faster and more efficiently to calculate a more accurate version of OEE for your line.

To see how easy it is to set up OEE with this solution kit from Horner, watch the demo in the video above.

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