Join Power/mation robot expert Darrel Hendricks on a walkthrough of his latest robot demo – a 3D vision-powered golf ball picking application!

3D vision picking for your robot!

I’m Darrel Hendricks, Power/mation’s business development manager for robotics, and I’d like to show you an example of 3D-guided robotics.

We’ve built a demo that includes a vision system from Pickit 3D and a robot from ABB. We calibrate the camera and have it look at the objects in the bin, in this case, we’re using golf balls. The camera communicates the position of the objects back to the robot to tell it what to pick. In this application, we’re also using a color sensor from Banner to differentiate the white, yellow, and orange balls so we’re doing 3D guided vision and color sorting simultaneously.

The camera uses a structured light system where it will throw down light and take a picture. By looking at the structured light data the camera can identify the objects we’ve trained it to find. In our example, we’re using a simple round golf ball but we can teach the camera much more complicated items by putting the part underneath the camera or importing a CAD model.

To see this in action, watch my demo in the video above.

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