July 20


03:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Power/mation - Innovative Automation Solutions



4407 121st Street, Urbandale, IA 50323

Urbandale, IA, US, 50323

Join us and Discuss cutting-edge automation solutions in safety and industrial internet of things (IIOT) followed by BBQ and happy hour.

IIOT Presentation Topics:

Best of Both Worlds: Cybersecurity & Remote Access

Cyber threats force IT departments to implement “defense in depth” which group devices into very small network zones to prevent mass scale takeover in case of a compromise.  These devices “must talk together” for work to be done. This can make zone to zone data transfers impossible. Push protocols like MQTT, Rest, OPC-UA can overcome these limitations.  Implementing “trust no one” also limits user access to only “what is required” for them to do their work.  Another industry challenge is remotely accessing equipment while following these “defense in depth” and the “trust no one”. 

Safety Presentation Topics:

Unlocking Hidden Efficiency Gains with Radar-Based Safety

If you are using optical-based safety at your plant you have the unique opportunity to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and operator safety at the same time by introducing radar-based safety systems. Where optical-based products may be tripped by dust, smoke, or weld spatter, radar-based products sense volumetrically and can look for human motion before starting a process.