Invoice Gateway

Join Power/mation and Go Green!

At Power/mation we make every effort to do business in a responsible way. Through the use of technology, improved business processes, and communications with our vendors and customers, we have been able to reduce our paper usage significantly.

Not only does that save paper, toner, and printer maintenance, but it increases our productivity. This allows us to improve our level of service to our valued customers, and help maintain our environment.

Now you can join Power/mation in reducing waste and protecting the environment by moving to Paperless Billing with Power/mation. Invoices and Statements will be sent to the person you designate for your organization. The email will contain a copy of any Invoice that was shipped the previous day. At the end of the month, you will receive your Statement via email as well.


Why Paperless Billing?

• The timely delivery of invoices helps you to keep close tabs on all your business with Power/mation. You know the next morning what invoices were charged to your account.

•  Lowers energy usage and CO2 emissions by eliminating mail delivery.

• Saves Trees

•  Greater efficiencies for you

– Allows the documents to be saved without filing any paper.

– Allows you to share the document easily with anyone else inside or outside your organization.

– Print, Fax, Email them as needed or just delete them when you are done.


Online access to your invoices via Invoice Gateway

With Invoice Gateway, you can access your invoices and statements anytime 24/7 on our secure web site. From Invoice Gateway you can search, sort, view, download, print, email and even pay your invoices safely, quickly and conveniently. See the list of benefits below.

• Receive your invoices faster

• Save time by downloading invoice data directly into frequently used accounting packages

• Easy to store & retrieve

• Easy to stay organized

• Access to invoices 24/7

• Pay any time of day or night

• Save money on checks

• Save money on envelopes and stamps

• Save time

• Secure


Enrollment in Invoice Gateway is easy.

Go to the billing portal and enter your Account Number and the Enrollment Token found on the top-right of your most recent invoice or statement.

Best of all, our Go Green program is offered at no charge.