Power/mation is proud to be the number one distributor for Inxpect and its revolutionary LBK System. It is the world’s first SIL2/Pld radar safety system certified for safety-critical applications.

Immune to Optical Disturbance

The highlight of the Inxpect LBK System is its ability to go where traditional optical sensors cannot. It is immune to debris such as dust, shavings, machining waste, splashes and smoke. Another key feature is that the LBK will allow its protected environment to change on the fly, unlike a laser scanner which must have a fixed safety zone.

World's First SIL2/Pld Radar System

For the protection of operators in industrial
safety applications.

Safe RESTART Function

The LBK System can detect the presence of
operators in the dangerous area, preventing
accidental restarts of the machinery.

Works Where Optical Sensors Stop

The LBK System is immune to environmental
disturbances such as smoke, dust, shavings,
splashes or machining waste.

See it for Yourself

If you’re within Power/mation territories contact us to demonstrate the Inxpect LBK System in person. See how quickly the system can be set up and suited to your application. 

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