Temporary Barrier Solutions

Ready to Reopen

As state governments relax requirements to stay at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the duty of businesses to maintain safe
environments for their employees and customers. Power/mation now offers a standard selection of pre-assembled temporary barriers
for rapid deployment.

Barriers are assembled in the USA with high-strength aluminum frames and plexiglass shields. The in-stock styles below are available
to ship within three business days from our Pewaukee, Wisconsin location. Fully custom barriers are also available to order from
Power/mation Solutions Group.

Small Tabletop Unit - $190

Suitable for small areas where close human interaction is necessary.

24″W x 24″H x 11″ D

Large Tabletop Unit - $200

Suitable for larger areas where routine check-in or meetings are held.

32″W x 40″H x 16″ D

Large Free-Standing Panel - $400

Suitable for open spaces where barriers or guided foot traffic is needed.

48″W x 72″H x 16″D

Custom Solutions

Your work business is unique. Power/mation will fully design a custom barrier system for you with quotes available in as little as 48 hours.


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