Panel Components

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panelLowest cost does not always dictate the best panel component solution for your business. With Power/mation panel component solutions, we help you achieve optimum panel component design by recommending component options that meet or exceed your businesses' performance requirements - all at the best possible value.


Custom Enclosures &
Assemblies Brochure

     Cam Switches
    Limit Switches
    Motor Protectors - Manual
    Overload Relays
    Motor Starters - Soft Starters
    Motor Starters - Across the Line
    Alternating Relays
    Insulation Monitors
    Zero Speed Switches
    Motion Monitors
    Obstruction Lighting Controls
    Time Delay Relays
    Voltage- Current and Phase Monitors - 3 Phase
    Voltage and Current Monitors - Single Phase
    Liquid Level Monitors and Controls
    Solid State Relays
    Motor Starters - Reduced Voltage Starters
    Motor Starters - Combination Starters
    Motor Starters
    Circuit Breakers - Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    Disconnect Switches - Fusible
    Disconnect Switches - Non-Fusible
    Transfer Switches
    Cam Switches
    Disconnect Switches - Enclosed
    Fuse Monitors
    Power Breakers
    Circuit Breakers - Modular DIN Rail Mount
    Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
    Arc Guard

    Wireless Products and Accessories
    Optical Touch Button
    Indicator Lights
    Power Supplies


    Rate Meters
    Solid State Relays
    Digital Input / Output Modules
    Temperature Controllers
    Liquid Level Controllers
    Phase Monitors
    Current Monitors
    Voltage Monitors
    Alternating Relays
    Motor Speed Control Relay
    Motor Underspeed Control Relay
    Motor Load Control Relay
    Motor Thermal Protection Relay
    Control Transformer
    Liquid Level Probes
    Power Supplies
    Safety Relays
      Thumbwheel Switches
    Time Delay Relays

    Pendant Stations
    Electronic Keys

    Fuse Holders
    Disconnect Switches
    Distribution Blocks
    Surge Devices

    Industrial NEMA Enclosures
    Industrial Disconnect Enclosures
    Industrial Modular Freestanding Enclosures
    Industrial Operator Interface Enclosures
    Climate Control
    Industrial Stainless Steel Enclosures

    Power Supplies
    Push Buttons
    Instrinsic Safety Barriers

    Signal Towers
    Stack Lights
    Signal Towers - Explosion Proof
    Audible Alarms

    Cables and connectors
    Controllers and PLCs
    DIN rain power supplies and UPS
    Electronic reversing contactors and motor control
    Electronics housing
    Ethernet networks
    Fieldbus components and systems
    Functional safety
    HMIs and Industrial PCs
    I/O systems
    Industrial communication technology
    Installation and mounting material
    Marking and labeling
    Measurement and control technology
    Modular terminal blocks
    PCB Terminal Blocks and PCB Connectors
    Plug connectors
    Protective devices
    Sensor cable and connectors
    Surge protection devices
    System cabling for DCS and PLC
    Wireless data communication

    Large Displays
    Rate Meters
    Digital Panel Meters
    Miniature Displays
    Length Sensors
    Magnetic Pickups
    C- Face Ring Sensor Kits - Magnetic Pickup
    C- Face Ring Sensor Kits - Encoder
    Signal Conditioners
    Communication Modules
    Current Transformers
    Power Supplies
    Noise Suppression

    Industrial Junction Boxes
    Industrial Wall Mount Enclosures
    Industrial Modular Enclosures
    Industrial Floormount Enclosures
    Industrial Freestanding Enclosures
    Industrial Disconnect Enclosures
    Industrial Stainless Steel Enclosures
    Industrial Aluminum Enclosures
    Industrial Non-Metalic Enclosures
    Industrial Operator Interface Enclosures
    Support Arms and Pedestals For Operator Interface Enclosures
    Industrial Modular Operator Interface Consoles
    Industrial EMC Enclosures
    Industrial Hazardous Location Enclosures
    Industrial Purgeable Enclosures
    Purge Systems
    Industrial Work Stations and Desks
    Industrial PC Enclosures
    Commercial Enclosures
    Enclosure Climate Control -UL Type 4x Wallmount
    Enclosure Climate Control - UL Type 12 Roofmount
    Enclosure Climate Control - UL Type 12 Wallmount
    Fans and Blowers for Industrial Enclosures
    Enclosure Heat Exchangers - Air / Air
    Enclosure Heat Exchangers - Air / Water
    Enclosure Heaters
    Vortex Coolers
    Process Chillers
    Data Center Enclosures
    Telecommunication Enclosures

    Power Supplies
    Constant Voltage Transformers
    Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation
    Power Line Conditioning - DIN Mounted Line Reactors
    Surge Protection and Active Tracking Filtering
    Single Phase Transformers
    Three Phase Transformers
    Buck Boost Transformers
    Drive Isolation Transformers
    Control Transformers
    Uninterupptible Power Supplies - UPS Systems

    Motor Protection - Thermistor Relays
    Motor Protection - Thermal Overload Relays
    Motor Circuit Controllers
    Manual Motor Starters
    Starters - Open and Enclosed

    Power Supplies  

     Optical and audible signaling devices


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