Power/mation Safety Solutions

Having the right safety is imperative in protecting your employees and machinery. With access to automation safety components from top-tier suppliers, our trained sales staff will assess your application and select the right products to make sure your operation runs efficiently and safely. Some of our safety components include light curtains, laser scanners, enabling devices, safety controllers, interlock switches and more.

Find the Right Solution for Your Application

Power/mation houses a fencing workshop at our Pewaukee, Wisconsin office location that enables us to stock, quote, design, process and distribute custom fencing systems to our customers worldwide. A majority of our fencing systems are 100% custom and we are excited to start the conversation about how to safeguard your application.

Building Your Solution

Power/mation’s wide variety of safety product offerings from the industry’s best brands allows you to find a solution that will give you the customization and flexibility you need.

Controllers and Relays

A comprehensive selection of safety controllers for your demanding safety application. Controllers and relays from Power/mation can simplify your safety architecture while meeting the needs of small or large, complex systems. Industry leading brands available:

  • Pilz
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Banner Engineering
  • Turck
Sensing & Lighting

The essential components to build your safety system. Light curtains, laser scanners, area lighting, signal lighting, pressure mats, radar and more.

Interlocks & Switches

Trapped key, solenoid locking, RFID, magnetic and fully customizable safety interlock solutions can be designed and scaled to meet your needs. A variety of limit switches and enabling devices are also available. Key suppliers include Fortress Interlocks, Euchner, and ABB.

Radar-Based Safety

The first and only SIL2/Pld safety certified radar sensor system in the world. Technology that works where optics fail. Highly immune to dust, smoke, shavings, and other machining byproducts. Learn more.

Suppliers with Trusted Safety Expertise

A portfolio of industry-tested suppliers with a history in deploying safety applications. Power/mation is proud to offer products from the industry’s best. Combining the Power/mation custom fencing capability, you have everything you need for a safe application.

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