Innovative Automation Solutions, Exceptional Customer Service

Innovative Automation Solutions, Exceptional Customer Service

Providing Technical Expertise and a Hands-on Approach

Let Power/mation guide your implementation of a powerful, up-to-date automation solution to increase your company’s productivity and profit. 

What’s Happening at Power/mation

NEW! Rittal Enclosure Configurator

You can now customize your Rittal enclosures with our Rittal Configurator tool. Specify the size and other parameters of enclosures as well as modifications that can be completed by the Power/mation Solutions Group. Enter your inquiry now to be contacted by your Power/mation Sales Representative.

Power/mation Adds Bedrock Automation to Product Portfolio!

Bedrock Automation is the maker of a powerful and cyber secure automation platform. They have assembled the latest technologies to build automation solutions for industrial controls based on three prime directives: simplicity, scalability and security. 

Learn more about Bedrock Automation.

The Future of Machine Safety

It is immune to debris such as dust, shavings, machining waste, splashes and smoke. It adapts to changing conditions in environments where safety standards must still be met. It is the LBK System from Inxpect and it’s the latest cutting-edge tool in the Power/mation Safety product lineup.

Read more and download the latest brochure from Inxpect.

Total Automation Capabilities

Efficiency is essential in the manufacturing process as it saves you time and money while still creating a high quality product for your customers. Regardless of your industry, Power/mation offers solutions and support to ensure your manufacturing process is up to date and is working how it should.


A complete range of machine safety products that meet and exceed your safety requirements including interlocks, sensors, light curtains and custom safety fencing.


From heavy duty industrial six
axis robots to tabletop collaborative
models, the Power/mation robotic
offering is led by ABB.

Process Automation

Enhance production, product quality
and system reliability by unifying the control system, utilizing smart sensors and monitoring system diagnostics. 

Industrial Internet

Securely connect isolated automation to
each other, operating systems and other
service providers to ensure uptime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


The industry standard to lift, move and
press in an automated process. Festo highlights our pneumatic offering with constant technology advancements and continual R&D.

Featured Product Categories

Power/mation offers automation components within a wide range of categories including
sensors, motion control, enclosures, power transmission, visualization and much more to develop your application.

Sensing & Inspection


Motion Control & Robotics


Logic Control & Visualization


Panel Components


Custom Solutions with Dedicated Support

Are you in search of panel modifications, custom safety fencing, custom kitting or custom part assemblies? The Power/mation Solutions Group was created to fill the needs of businesses searching for customized automation for their operation. With a unique team of full-time engineers, designers and technicians, we are able to provide our customers with just that.

Events Calendar

At Power/mation, we try to stay busy traveling around the Midwest
offering trainings and seminars to educate our customers about how to apply their automation solutions, as well as feature products and demos from our trusted suppliers.

Ethernet Infrastructure Training

All-In-One Horner Controller Training

GE Proficy Logic Developer Training

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We Are Devoted to Our Customers

Regional Director of Sales - IL, IA & NE

“Our Vendor relationships separate us in the industry. At Power/mation we work with our Vendors, as partners, to positively impact our Customer’s business and position them to be the most technically advanced while helping them maintain a competitive commercial position.”

-Adam Jackson

Director of Purchasing and Pricing Strategy

“Our purchasing and pricing teams at Power/mation have a customer-focused approach. Striving to meet our customers’ on-time delivery needs and having the right inventory available at a competitive price is our primary goal. We continue to enhance our online tools at, giving customers 24-hour access to our product catalog.”

-Sue Clarin

Account Representative

“One of the things that excites me about working as an Account Representative at Power/mation is that I have the industry’s best suppliers to choose from. I can choose the best-in-class products from each supplier to come up with innovative solutions for each customer.”

-Thor Morales

Engineering Manager, Power/mation Solutions Group

“Working in the Solutions Group is a truly unique engineering experience. Whether it be installing our products in the oil & gas fields of North Dakota or monitoring the cranberry bogs of central Wisconsin, every day brings a new and exciting challenge.”

– Lindsey Brathol

Business Development Manager - Safety

“Machine safeguards are a critical element in protecting people, processes and companies. Understanding this importance, Power/mation has strategically aligned with the world’s leading manufacturers of machine safety products. Our ability to design, build and ship a custom perimeter allows for Power/mation to offer a safety solution designed to meet your specific needs.”

-Jeff Johnson

Marketing Content Specialist

“We place a real focus on educating our customers about the best technologies available. Right now we’re focused on CODESYS, and we’re proud to be one of few providers of that training.”

-Matt Carlson

Project Engineer, Power/mation Solutions Group

“In the Power/mation Solutions Group we craft innovative solutions using industry-leading products and technology to help our customers succeed. Currently, we’re helping a customer implement custom control panels with improved safety to update their existing manufacturing line.”

-Jonathan Maser

Our Key Partners

We are proud to partner with some of the industry’s leading brands to
provide our customers with the most effective automation solutions on the market today.

Get Started with Power/mation

Whether you need a quick turnaround for a machine part replacement, or a customized solution for your business to operate effectively and efficiently, contact us and we will connect you with a sales expert near you.