Apply Pneumatics in Your Industry

Power/mation has partnered with Festo, a unique automation supplier, to help us offer a full range of pneumatic, electromechanical and process automation products to our customers. Festo’s pneumatic technology is fit for nearly every industry where automation is needed, whether it is a delicate application where precision is key or heavy-duty manufacturing.

We Serve a Variety of Industries


Medical Devices


Food & Beverage




Process Industries


Water Treatment


Assembly & Test

Choose from a Wide Selection of Innovative Hardware

By constantly refining their technology, along with research and development at their German Headquarters, Festo offers a range of solutions among the broadest in the world, and Power/mation is happy to offer our customers access to it all.

Air Preparation

This modular and modern product line offers a wide range of options, features and sizes. Our optional safety valves meet PLd and PLe standards.

Valves & Manifolds

From small microvalves to large flow for industrial uses, Power/mation offers the broadest pneumatic valve and valve manifold range in the industry. Our valves and manifolds are direct wired, with multi-pin or fieldbus connectivity.

Control Technology

Our robust CPX electrical backplane can connect to a variety of different technology including inputs, outputs, analog, proportional regulators, sensors, IO-Link devices, valves and more. The CPX can also operate with its own PLC or through decentralized architecture with a variety of widely used fieldbus protocols.

Cylinders & Actuators

Pneumatic actuators and cylinders are stocked in several bore sizes and stroke lengths with a variety of styles, types and designs. Our cylinders and actuators feature revolutionary patented PPS self-adjusting cushions.


Our accessories include a large variety of fittings, gauges and connectors along with tubing available in different styles, sizes and colors to fit your specific application.

Customize Your Pneumatic Solution

The Power/mation Solutions Group is a division dedicated to helping you design, create and implement applications that fit
your specifications.

Examples of some of our custom pneumatic-based solutions include:


Valve manifold assemblies


Pneumatic control panels or sub-panel assemblies


Air preparation systems (FRL)


Plumbing, tubing, fittings and miscellaneous custom assemblies/kits


Electromechanical sub-assemblies (multi-axis gantry and cartesian)

The Power/mation

Pneumatics Expert

Lance Waffensmith
Automation Specialist – Pneumatics and Motion Control