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If You Can Measure it, You Can Control it

Power/mation’s history of distributing industrial automation equipment and sensors has given us the experience needed for full control system deployment. Partnering with world-class manufacturers of control system hardware and measurement sensors lets us harness data to improve quality, reduce unplanned downtime and increase your production throughput.

The Power/mation Advantage

Control Systems

These are the tools that provide total system control of a plant or micro process. Commonly referred to as PID Loop control, control systems handle process variables such as temperature, pressure and flow. The system can continuously balance quality, quantity and consistency of the product output.

System Reliability

Designing a robust control architecture where continuous production uptime with zero unplanned downtime is the primary goal. Implementing specifically developed hardware and software that is fault-tolerant can help achieve this goal. Common technologies used include Distributed Control Systems (DCS), network redundancy and backup power generation.

Measurement Sensors

These sensors process variable measurement such as temperature, pressure, flow and more. Sophisticated sensors interpret these values and convert them into voltage, current or digital signals. The transducer (V) and transmitter (A) signals are then sent to the control system allowing for real time process status and control.

Hazardous Location

Many process environments require electrical equipment designed to function safely within environments that are potentially explosive or ignitable. The equipment installed is regulated by the governing bodies with ATEX or FM approved certifications. These technologies are typically referred to as explosion proof, nonincendive and intrinsically safe.

Data Management & Visualization

Power/mation provides the vital digital systems of recording and displaying process and production values. Real time dashboards for instant system awareness and historical trending for regulatory requirements and/or report generation are necessary for an efficient process automation application.

Implement Process Automation in Your Industry

Power/mation provides the knowledge and tools to increase the efficiency of your application when uptime is critical and monitoring system performance is key. Power/mation Process Solutions provides support and sales to the following industries and more.


Upstream Oil & Gas


Food & Beverage


Water & Wastewater







Pulp & Paper


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Your process solution demands the highest grade components from the most trusted industry providers. Power/mation is proud to partner with the best in the industry with an ever-expanding product portfolio.

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