B11 LMSS™ Training


B11 LMSS™ – The US Machinery Safety Course

The B11 LMSS™, Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist, qualification is a five-module online training course that sets out the key aspects of designing and implementing machinery safety solutions. This course will equip you to protect lives and will serve to demonstrate your professional competence portfolio.

What B11 LMSS™ Students Are Saying…

“Most pleased with the effort put in and quality of work in the materials. It is difficult to address in one day the topic of risk assessment, but the videos and practical walk through, along with the VR example at the end does tie the materials covered together nicely. Provides excellent guidance on the principles for industrial risk assessment and for using ANSI B11.0.”

“The course was informative with examples and further detail provided through discussion. The instructors’ approach was refreshing. The use of more than one instructor to convey the material in addition to the witty repertoire as opposed to one instructor regurgitating material verbatim from a slide show presentation was effective in keeping the audience alert and interested.”

“I like the interaction you have with the participant and between you. It made the session more engaging and interesting for me. It was a great introduction to machinery safety and what are/how standard works.”

“The training was active, engaging, informative, and almost at risk of becoming addictive!”

Developed by Safety Experts

The B11 LMSS Training was developed by Power/mation’s premier safety supplier Fortress Safety. Leaders in safety interlocks and valves from Fluidsentry, Fortress is a recognized expert in industrial safety.

  • Virtual course certified by B11
  • Designed for US machine standards
  • 5 modules – 25 hours of instruction
  • Open book exam for certification

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