Implement Robotics Technology in Your Facility

The need for robots in the manufacturing industry continues to grow as highly repetitive labor jobs are becoming more difficult to fill and injury risks to a human workforce present liabilities to companies. Robots fill this gap in the workforce with a proven return on investment while offering other job growth opportunities within your organization.

Find the Right Solution for Your Application

Whether you are packaging, palletizing, handling materials, performing assembly operations or machine tending, Power/mation has the solution for you. Led by ABB, Power/mation offers a full line of industrial robotics including:


Six-axis arm






Collaborative models






Choose from a Full Line of Industrial Robotics

Power/mation’s wide variety of robotics product offerings from the industry’s best brands allows you to find a solution that will give you the support and integration you need.


  • Multiple Six-Axis Variants
  • SCARA (IRB 910SC)
  • Delta (IRB 360 FlexPicker®)
  • Collaborative (ABB YuMi® Family)
  • And More


  • IXA High Speed SCARA
  • TTA Tabletop Series
  • Wrist Unit
  • Cartesian and Single Axis Robots


  • Planar Surface Gantry EXCH
  • A Variety of Cartesian Handling Systems
  • Parallel Kinematic Systems
  • Innovate Gripper Design

Macron Dynamics

  • H-Bot Gantry
  • T-Bot Gantry
  • Heavy Duty Gantry Options
  • And More

The Advantages of Working With Power/mation

Power/mation works with well known, name brand vendors in the robotics industry. We also partner with the best local integrators, allowing us to work together to bring your project from concept to completion in a safe and timely manner. Combined with our access to auxiliary products like dress packs, end of arm accessories, safety components, sensors and enclosures, Power/mation is your complete robot solutions provider..


Robots aren’t complete without end-of-arm tooling suited for your specific task. While many grippers are custom designed for an application, Power/mation offers models from the following vendors for everyday tasks with both electric and pneumatic actuation options available.




Zaytran (Festo)


Zimmer Group




And more


Pendant Ease of Use

ABB’s offering of control pendants is designed to suit both the experienced technician, and those who have little to no experience in operating industrial robots. The pendants are ergonomically crafted to be comfortable with easily accessible emergency stops.

Industrial Internet

Protect your investments in robotics and your own applications with various machine monitoring options from Power/mation. With our Industrial Internet Solutions capabilities, you can now always be connected to your system to know the status of your machines while being able to foresee and prevent production issues.

Custom Safety Fencing for Your Robotics Solution

Robots are heaving, fast-moving machines that can carry a variety of potentially hazardous payloads. For this reason, safety is of utmost concern when implementing robots in your application. Power/mation Solutions Group offers custom-designed safety fencing with multiples types of barriers to ensure your employees always remain safe. Power/mation also stocks advanced safety hardware such as interlocks, laser scanners, light curtains and cutting-edge volumetric safety barriers (Inxpect) to make sure human-robot interactions are as safe as possible.

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The Power/mation Robotics Expert

Darrel Hendricks
Business Development
Manager – Robotics