Product Picking & Packaging

Application Overview

Picking products from a moving conveyor and placing them into a container can be a challenging application. PickMaster® Twin is the market-leading robotic software for vision-guided random flow picking and packing. Integrating conveyor tracking and vision cameras into one solution allows flexibility for many applications.


Featured Products

ABB IRB 360 FlexPicker

A stainless option for food handling applications is IP69K validated so that it can be washed down with industrial detergents and high pressure hot water. This variant is also designed with smooth and easy to rinse-off surfaces and lubricant free joints that are resistant to most corrosives.

  • High speed flexibility
  • High capacity – up to 8 kg payload
  • Hygienic design for washdown applications
  • Superior tracking performance
  • Integrated vision software
  • Integrated control of indexing belts

The IRB 910SC (SCARA) is fast, cost-effective and, because it‘s from ABB, accurate. In designing its Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA), or IRB 910SC, ABB has delivered a single arm robot capable of operating in a confined footprint. ABB’s SCARA is ideal for small parts asssembly, material handling, and parts inspection.

Click for details on ABB’s SCARA robot, the IRB 910SC.

Doosan A0912 Collaborative Robot

The A0912 is a suitable choice for picking applications thanks to the A0912’s high speed and precision. Key features:

  • The advanced safety algorithm ensures the safety beyond the limits of current-based collision detection technology.
  • The high-end hardware, created by Doosan’s world class technology, promises quick and flawless performance on any task with the highest speed in the industry along with the remarkable acceleration.

Learn more from Doosan and watch the video demonstration below.

Schmalz SLG Lightweight Gripping System
  • The lightweight gripping system SLG is ideal for use on lightweight robots and cobots for automatically handling different workpieces. The additive manufacturing process used to produce the SLG gives the system a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to be adapted to and used on a multitude of custom applications.

  • Automated design configurator
  • Additively manufactured gripper
  • Integrated air supply
  • Pre-configured flange plates for common robot types
Pick-it 3D Vision Cameras
  • The Pick-it M suitable for medium sized picking applications
  • Pick-it’s 3D camera and software finds object in bins, pallets, tables, and boxes and tells your robot where and how to pick them
Macron Dynamics T–Bot
  • Fast and versatile belt-driven 2 axis pick and place system
  • One single belt drives both axes
  • Two fixed motor mounting locations
  • Fixed motors reduce load, cable management and inertia requirements
  • Positional repeatability +/- .05 mm
  • Speeds up to 2000 mm/sec.
  • Sealed linear profile rail and bearing guidance
  • Mounting flexibility for a variety of end effectors
Schmalz Vacuum End Effector (VEE)
  • Custom configurator available online
  • Fast and cost-effective design of vacuum end effectors for highspeed packaging processes
  • Pick-and-place applications with Delta, SCARA and articulated robots
  • Fully automated filling of cardboard boxes in case packers
  • Use in primary and secondary packaging processes
  • Transporting products into top-loading machines as well as in cardboard box and tray aligners
  • Use in flexible packaging machines with frequent format changes
PickMaster® Twin

PickMaster® Twin is the market leading robotic software for vision-guided random flow picking and packing applications. 

Key Benefits:

  • Speed: Reduces commissioning and change-over times
  • Flexibility: Supports all ABB robots, linear and circular conveyor configurations, and virtual and physical machines
  • Simplified: Streamlines hardware/software setup and configuration
  • Cost: Reduces total integration costs
  • Unique: Digital twin visual tuning and emulation
  • Domain expertise: Simulates future production operations
  • Productivity: Operational efficiency, PackML enabled

Learn more at the ABB website.

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