Festo Assembly Program

There’s never a wait for customized assemblies with Power/mation

Festo assemblies may be worth the wait — but why wait? Our Assembly Program saves you time and money by providing you with the configurations you need in coordination with Power/mation. Through this partnership, we are ensuring your valve manifold, core air-prep, and other popular assemblies are delivered quick, cost-effectively and when you need them.

Here are five great features you can count on with this new program:

Fast Delivery

Local Stock

Cost Effective

Local Service

Custom Options

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About the program

Power/mation Solutions Group has joined the Festo Assembly Program to ensure that we have the right products in stock for your pneumatic assemblies.

From air preparation to valve manifolds, we can save you time and resources so that your assemblies are in your hands quickly and customized to your needs.

Our ability to offer customized, high-quality Festo assemblies reflects our strong commitment to providing excellent service to our clients. We encourage you to take advantage of our Assembly Program for your next automation project, and let us support you in keeping your production line running smoothly and successfully.


Popular Festo assemblies available immediately – shipped to MN, IA, IL, ND, NE, SD, WI and nationwide!

CPX-AP-I_No halo

Valve Manifold VTUG Series with Multi-Pin Plug or Fieldbus Connection

Compact and universal, with high flow rates. Optimized valve manifold variants for installation in control cabinets, with manifold rail for increased corrosion protection.
CPX-AP-I_No halo

Core Air Prep MS Unit

With the preconfigured MS series, Festo provides a complete system for compressed air preparation – for both standard applications and application-specific solutions with the highest quality requirements.
CPX-AP-I_No halo

Valve Manifold VTUS Series with High Flow Capability

Vacuum-capable valve manifold assembly with individual electric ports.

  • Robust valve VUVS with long service life
  • Individual electrical connection
  • Pilot air supply in the manifold rail
  • Comprehensive range of accessories.

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