Gantry Systems

Application Overview

When an application spans a large area, a gantry solution may be the best option. From belt-driven or rack and pinion, to small tabletop or large material handling systems – we have solutions to serve you. Power/mation can provide fully installed systems, or the gantry robot to be installed with your existing control solution.


Featured Products

Macron Dynamics Linear Gantry Robots
Gantry robots from Macron Dynamics provide fast and scalable palletizing solutions. Multiple versions are available including the T-Bot and heavy duty cartesian models.
Festo Handling Systems
Learn more about Festo gantry systems at Festo US.
Festo Multi-Carrier System (MCS ®)
  • For continuous processing of different packaging formats on a single line
  • Various sizes, the number of cartons and different product groupings are set up directly on the MCS® using the freely positionable carriers. The products to be packaged are also flexibly transported to the top loader or side loader via the MCS®
Bishop Wisecarver HepcoMotion MHD

The HepcoMotion MHD Linear Slide System is ideal for many heavy mechanical handling industries, including robotic transfer systems in the welding industry and assembly processes in the automotive industry. The MHD comes as a kit with tracks and a set of four bearing blocks, comprised of left and right block assemblies.

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Bishop Wisecarver HepcoMotion DLS

DLS offers belt driven actuation with a wide array of drive options available to meet the most simple to the most complex linear motion needs. Systems can be provided with a simple output shaft and an adapter with coupler to suit the customer’s gearbox or with a worm gearbox with flange to suit customer’s motor. The DLS beam provides T slots for quick and easy mounting of sensors and switches as well as assembly brackets. Profile aluminum framing, such as MCS, can be used to complete machine framing around the DLS unit. Other DLS options include a cantilever axis. The cantilever axis provides an ideal low inertia vertical axis to complete your linear motion needs. Learn more from Bishop Wisecarver.

Bishop Wisecarver HepcoMotion HDS2

Units may be purchased assembled for quick installation, or as individual components for custom designs. V slides and flat tracks come in two grades; commercial for lower cost, or precision ground for higher accuracy applications. Gear racks can be added to single edge V slides and narrow flat tracks for linear actuation. Back plates offer another option for mounting V slides and flat tracks on a stable frame without the height of a construction beam. Bearing assemblies come in V slide bearings, track roller bearings, and bearing blocks to meet load and performance needs. Carriage plates are machined to customers’ specifications from either steel or aluminum according to specific application needs.

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