In a recent video interview hosted by Horner Automation, Andrew Jagger, a Business Development Manager here at Power/mation, shared valuable insights on the integration of Horner Operator Control Systems (OCS) with Banner Safety Controllers. This collaboration between Power/mation, Banner and Horner offers an innovative solution to enhance safety visibility into an automation system. Below, we will summarize Andrew’s demonstration and highlight the key takeaways from this joint effort.

Meet Andrew Jagger

Andrew is a long-time employee of Power/mation. His journey began with tech support, eventually transitioning into a role as a PLC Logic Specialist. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in controls, project management, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems. Andrew’s passion for automation and problem-solving led him to explore many innovative solutions, such as integrating Banner Safety Controllers with Horner OCS.

Horner OCS and Banner Safety Controllers

Banner Engineering is based in Plymouth, Minnesota and is known for its safety controllers, including the expandable XS26-2DE. These controllers feature an embedded Ethernet port, enabling effortless communication with various PLCs, including Horner OCS. Andrew emphasized the significance of selecting the right industrial Ethernet protocol for smooth communication, with Modbus TCP being the protocol of choice for this integration.

The Integration Process

Andrew provided a step-by-step guide to integrating Banner Safety Controllers with Horner OCS using Modbus TCP. This involved setting up a network protocol for Modbus TCP within the Horner controller. Andrew also highlighted the importance of addressing in 16s to ensure compatibility with Modbus. He demonstrated how to edit variable names within the Horner controller to align them with the functions of the Banner Safety Controller.

Live Demonstration

Andrew provided a live demonstration of the integrated system, showcasing the Horner screen with various safety functions. He demonstrated how E-stop, two-hand control, light curtains, and muting functions were monitored and controlled through the Horner OCS. This live demonstration offered a real-time view of the safety controller’s status and functionality.


Benefits of Integration

The integration of Banner Safety Controllers with Horner OCS offers several benefits, including enhanced safety monitoring, seamless communication, and streamlined automation processes. This integration allows users to efficiently manage safety functions within their industrial systems, ensuring a safer working environment while optimizing productivity.

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