CAPAROC from Phoenix Contact is your customizable electronic circuit breaker system for overcurrent protection in 12 V to 24 V applications. Ride along with David Ellers for a tour of the options and features of this versatile solution!

I’m David Ellers, business development manager for the Phoenix Contact product line here at Power/mation, and I’d like to introduce you to a cool new product.

The CAPAROC is a new electronic circuit breaker product by Phoenix Contact. It is a modular product that gives over-current and over- and under-voltage protection in the system. It’s got a lot of combinations and options and has a very intuitive simple design.

The CAPAROC system is pretty easy to use. It consists of a base power module that you start with and individual channels of circuit breakers that you can apply to the system. There are single-channel, two-channel, and four-channel breakers available. There’s a current rail that delivers the current over a backplane to the individual modules and finally a potential distributor available in the system.

Learn more by watching my video above or clicking below to download the CAPAROC Quick Reference Guide I created highlighting the key features of this cool new system.


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