Roseville, MN — In a pivotal move forward, Power/mation Solutions Group, a leader in custom solutions for industrial automation, has announced its relocation from St. Paul, MN, to a new and more expansive facility in Roseville, MN. This significant move is not merely a change in geography; it represents a leap forward in the group’s ability to offer enhanced and more comprehensive services to its customers.

A New Home for Innovation and Growth

The new facility in Roseville stands as a testament to Power/mation Solutions Group’s continuous growth and their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of their customers in the automation industry. This larger space is not just a building; it’s a hub of innovation, designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and technological advancement.

Enhanced Capabilities in a Modern Facility

The new facility is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and advanced technological resources, enabling Power/mation Solutions Group to enhance their service capabilities. The expanded space allows for larger project assemblies, more extensive inventory storage, and advanced testing facilities. This setup is crucial for Power/mation as we continue to offer custom automation solutions, including our widely acclaimed custom enclosure modifications, kits, and safety fencing solutions.

A Spectrum of Automation Solutions

Power/mation Solutions Group’s service offerings are diverse, encompassing various aspects of industrial automation:

  1. Custom Enclosures: Specializing in creating custom-cut enclosures, Power/mation provides solutions that are tailored to specific industry requirements. The group’s expertise lies in its ability to design and deliver enclosures that fit the unique needs of each customer, ensuring functionality and safety.
  2. Custom Kits and Assemblies: Recognizing the need for efficiency in operations, Power/mation offers custom kits and assemblies that streamline processes and enhance productivity. These solutions are designed to simplify complex assembly needs, providing customers with a cohesive, ready-to-install package.
  3. Custom Safety Fencing: Understanding the critical importance of safety in industrial settings, Power/mation designs and installs custom safety fencing. These fencing solutions are not just about compliance, but also about ensuring a safe working environment, tailored to the specific layout and needs of each facility.
  4. Managed Solutions: Beyond physical products, Power/mation offers managed solutions that include programming, risk assessment, and panel design. These services are integral to ensuring that customers’ automation systems are optimized for both performance and safety.

Preparing for Future Challenges

This relocation is more than just a physical expansion; it’s a strategic move to prepare for future challenges and opportunities in the automation industry. With more space, advanced facilities, and a prime location, Power/mation is poised to tackle the increasing demands for innovative automation solutions and to foster stronger partnerships with our customers.

A Commitment to Customer-Centric Service

At the heart of Power/mation Solutions Group’s expansion is their unwavering commitment to customer-centric service. The new space in Roseville is designed to enhance customer interactions, provide more comprehensive training sessions, and facilitate effective solution demonstrations. This customer-focused approach is a core principle that has driven Power/mation’s success over the years.

Looking Ahead

As Power/mation Solutions Group settles into their new home in Roseville, MN, they look forward to continuing their journey of innovation and excellence in automation solutions. This move marks a new chapter in their story, one that promises growth, advancement, and continued dedication to providing superior automation solutions to their customers.