This month, we navigate Terry’s dream for a better sensor-level data collection tool. We are joined by Sean Foley, Global Product Manager for Snap Signal who shows us this dream is now a reality.

Snap Signal from Banner – easily collect data from your sensors!

I’m Terry Busch, business development manager for IIoT, controls, and networking at Power/mation. Data collection from the controller is pretty straightforward but collecting data directly from sensors has always been the hardest part to solve… until now.

Snap Signal technology from Banner Engineering is a new portfolio of IIoT-enabling hardware and software that makes it easier for people to make data-driven decisions on the plant floor.

Most machines (even legacy models) already have an assortment of sensor signals on them, e.g., discrete light or tank-level detection. Using Snap Signal, you can capture that sensor data, convert it to a unified serial protocol, and push it to wherever it is needed for analysis and action.

Sound too good to be true? See Snap Signal in action in our video above.

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