Festo Pneumatics

Apply Pneumatics in Your Industry

Power/mation has partnered with Festo to help us offer a full range of pneumatic, electromechanical and process automation products to our customers. Festo’s pneumatic technology is fit for nearly every industry where automation is needed, whether it is a delicate application where precision is key or heavy-duty manufacturing.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Innovative Hardware

By constantly refining their technology, along with research and development at their German Headquarters, Festo offers a range of solutions among the broadest in the world, and Power/mation is happy to offer our customers access to it all.

Air Preparation

This modular and modern product line offers a wide range of options, features and sizes. Our optional safety valves meet PLd and PLe standards.

Valves & Manifolds

From small microvalves to large flow for industrial uses, Power/mation offers the broadest pneumatic valve and valve manifold range in the industry.

Control Technology

Our robust CPX electrical backplane can connect to a variety oftechnology including inputs, outputs, analog, proportional regulators, sensors, IO-Link devices, valves and more.

Cylinders & Actuators

Pneumatic actuators and cylinders are stocked in several bore sizes and stroke lengths with a variety of styles, types and designs.


Our accessories include a variety of fittings, gauges and connectors along with tubing available in different styles, sizes and colors to fit your application.

Customize Your Pneumatic Solution

Examples of some of our custom pneumatic-based solutions include:


Valve manifold assemblies


Pneumatic control panels or sub-panel assemblies


Air preparation systems (FRL)


Plumbing, tubing, fittings and miscellaneous custom assemblies/kits


Electromechanical sub-assemblies (multi-axis gantry and cartesian)

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