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Key Applications

Power/mation provides support for your medical device and pharmaceutical operations.


Power/mation supplies you with the components you require for sensitive product applications requiring aseptic packaging. Light-duty robotics can work alongside humans to package delicate or small parts. Thorough air preparation in your pneumatics process can help keep your packaged goods sterile during the whole procedure.


  • Specialize in secondary packaging after raw materials are processed into product
  • Precisely process finished goods for multi-step packaging
  • Sensors to accurately place product and verify presence
  • Advanced algorithms to increase productivity
Tracking, Traceability, & Serialization

Quickly identify and address issues in your supply chain or product quality to minimize the impact to your process. Trace a product in real time as it moves through your plant. Power/mation supplies RFID tracking, bar code scanners, and product marking equipment to aid you in managing your production or prototyping.


  • Log production data and analyze to continuously improve quality
  • Collect batch data for traceability
  • Laser marking devices to identify products using sensors to verify a quality mark
Device Assembly

Medical device assembly places high demands on precision, accuracy, and small size. Power/mation has experience collaborating with device manufacturers that face these challenges. Power/mation supplies micro grippers, small precision focused actuators, micro valves, sensors, and many automation solutions to meet these unique demands.


  • Precision robotics and tooling for your light-duty assembly operations
  • Vision inspection
  • Collaborative robots to work alongside humans
  • Servo press solutions for highly repeatable press forces in precision assembly
  • Certified Safety Machine Expert (CSME) on staff to consult on safety components
Filling & Dispensing

Power/mation can assist in all aspects for general automation needs for filling and dispensing applications.  This includes presence sensing, positioning, counting, and speed control with electrical components. Mechanical components can provide motion, robotics, power transmission, and actuation needs.


  • Ultrasonic sensors for level detection
  • Precise volumetric filling with electric actuators

Power/mation has sales engineers to help select the appropriate technology and products that encompass all aspects of machine automation. As you develop your medical device concepts, Power/mation assists you as you begin to prototype your assembly process. From pneumatics, robotics, sensing, controls, data collection, and motion, we have over 100 vendors covering thousands of products that will meet your needs. Power/mation Solutions Group offers advanced assembly assistance for those in need of scaling your manufacturing. Read more about Power/mation Solutions Group.


  • Controls design for small scale PLC controlled assembly
  • Heating control and heating elements
  • Motion for picking and placing of objects big and small
  • A variety of sensor products ranging from fiber optic and laser for all your sensing needs
  • Cabling systems designed to meet your unique challenges
Security & Networking

Power/mation recommends security to be your priority when implementing remote connectivity. Information Technology (IT) attacks can lead to the loss of data and intellectual property being compromised. Operational Technology (OT) attacks can do harm to assets in the physical world. Power/mation offers strategies to defend against both attacks. Read more on defense and preparedness strategies in our Cybersecurity & Network Segmentation Guide.

Other benefits of working with Power/mation for secure networking:

  • Replicate cloned machines without requiring revalidation of your ethernet infrastructure.
  • Protect your data while allowing access for changes by approved users.
  • Secure remote access that allows for batch upgrades across enterprise systems (Secomea products).
  • Implementation of application whitelisting (Phoenix Contact MGuard with fire walls).
  • Person to machine access.

Additional reading to explore topics concerning Power/mation security and networking solutions:

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Custom Services

Power/mation Solutions Group has all your needs for custom prototyping automation. From small scale custom control systems, data logging, and cabling systems to turnkey controls automation and motion, Powermation Solutions group is here to help. We work hand in hand with engineers and integrator partners to help develop and design automation systems that are scalable from prototype to full production.

  • Custom Control Systems
  • Enclosure Modification
  • Cable Assembly
  • CE Certification
  • Programming and UL Panel Build within our Partner Network
  • Custom Robotics & Safety Guarding
  • Custom CAD and Solid Modeling

Learn more about Power/mation Solutions Group.

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