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Application Overview

Power/mation products and expertise are utilized on the common forms of packaging applications including those in the life sciences, medical device, and pharmaceutical industry. From machining, winding, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and packaging–we have the knowledge to help you bring your products to market.


Power/mation specializes in multi-step secondary packaging after raw materials are processed into product


Power/mation strives to assist you in operating a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)


Festo pneumatic products offer key benefits such as thorough air preparation to fill containers with clean air and safety dump valves to depressurize your system


Power/mation provides light-duty robots inside of machines for small packaging assembly


Custom robotic grippers let you tailor and iterate your application quickly


Tolomatic ERD Hygienic series electric actuators are USDA approved

Featured Products

Festo Piezo Technology

Piezo Technology: Compact, Quiet, Energy-efficient Valves

Piezo valves are often a better alternative to conventional solenoid valves, especially in the areas of flow and pressure regulation. They are small, lightweight, quiet, extremely precise, very durable, incredibly fast and above all, they save energy. Learn more from Festo.

Banner Engineering Pick-to-Light

Pick-to-light devices and systems help industrial automation manufacturers reduce the risk of error in the assembly process, boosting product quality and reducing cost.

Learn more from Banner Engineering.

Schmalz Grippers

The SLG and VEE from Schmalz both offer custom configuration for precise applications. These grippers complement a complete Robotics Solution from Power/mation.

Datalogic VLASE

The VLASE is a complete family of Solid State laser marking products available in three different wavelengths: 1064, 532, 355 nm, with power up to 20 W.

The New VLase family, based on the unified ONE.RACK control platform, is available with compact, air cooled high performance, high peak power Solid State laser sources, suitable for demanding industrial applications and hard-to-engrave materials.

Read more from Datalogic.

Yaskawa Sigma 7 Motion Series
  • Sigma-7 is a complete family of servo motors and SERVOPACK amplifiers from 3w to 55kW, easily paired with a Yaskawa machine controller to create a motion automation system with the industry’s highest quality and reliability. 
  • The SigmaLogic7 Compact allows motion sequencing and axis control using Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs via Add On Instructions (AOIs). 
Banner Engineering Wireless Products

Connect remote assets with the people who manage them, enabling real-time monitoring and management of equipment and conditions in difficult-to-access locations or where wired solutions are impractical, ineffective or cost-prohibitive.

Horner PLC and HMI

Horner provides all-in-one controller and HMI solutions. View the entire product line at Horner.

Festo Clean Room Products

You can use all cylinders, pneumatic valves, pneumatic grippers and actuators, all industrial robots, vacuum and compressed air systems, sensors, compressed air filters, compressed air regulators, and pneumatic fittings from more than 80 product ranges from Festo in ISO class 7 cleanroom environments. Most are suitable for use in classes 6 and 5, and many can even be used in class 4 environments. Festo can provide matching special solutions as well.

Read more about Festo products for clean rooms.

Custom Safety Fencing
  • Custom-designed barrier to partition your work area and provide social distancing where necessary
  • Easy-to-assemble aluminum profiles that make for a strong and attractive looking system–no special tools required
  • Get a quote from our fencing design team in as little as 48 hours
  • Learn more about custom safety fencing

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