High Precision Nip Control

Application Overview

Nip control is important in any laminating and printing application. When you combine our compact, high force electric actuators and linear encoders you will yield a better product and reduce waste. Power/mation can implement these highly accurate closed loop systems to gain better control of your nip.

Featured Products

Exlar GSX Actuator

GSX Series integrated motor actuators integrate all the advantages of Exlar® roller screw and T-LAM stator technologies to create powerful and robust solutions with long life. The specially designed roller screw mechanism efficiently converts electric motor power into linear motion. Planetary rollers, assembled around the extending rod, follow threads that are precisely machined on the inside of the actuator’s hollow rotor.

  • Provides precise distance and pressure control which is key for laminating or coating applications
  • Integrated brushless servo motor and linear rod-style actuator in a single compact unit
  • Designed for closed loop servo systems
  • Sealed housing for extended life and minimum maintenance
  • Configurable for use with almost every brand of servo drive
Yaskawa SigmaLogic Compact

The SigmaLogic7 Compact allows motion sequencing and axis control using Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs via Add On Instructions (AOIs).


  • No other programming software needed
  • Use direct command or 200 point configurable sequence table
  • Contains all the benefits of the Sigma-5 Servo System
THK Linear Guide Systems

THK has a variety of linear guide options to choose from to make sure your application avoids product waste. Visit the THK website for more information.

Lenze i700

Performance data of supply modules:

  • Line voltage: 3 AC 400/480 V
  • Performance data of axis modules:
  • Single axis: 1.0 to 20 hp (0.75 to 15 kW) / 2.5 to 32 A
  • Multi axis: 1.0 to 10 hp (0.75 to 7.5 kW) / 2.5 to 16 A
  • Particularly suitable for: handling and packaging machines and robotic applications


  • Connections: digital inputs/outputs (2/0)
  • Resolver and encoder feedback
  • Communication: EtherCAT
  • Axis modules capable of multiple overloads for peak output currents between 5 and 64 A, double axes up to 32 A
  • The servo inverter for Controller-based Automation in conjunction with the various types of Controllers
  • CIA 402 operating modes (position, velocity, torque-control, velocity-mode)
    STO safety function
Lenze i950

The i950 is the basis of a compact servo drive that integrates consistently into our automation platform with absolute ease.

The same architecture, the same engineering and use of the same application software dissolve the boundaries between drive-based and controller-based automation. The “FAST” application software toolbox becomes usable for all products.

With FAST, we make a lot of things easier for the customer as the FAST applications of the i950 can be put to use immediately and can be adapted to the respective machine task by means of parameterization alone. If necessary, however, they can be adapted and extended very easily according to specific customer requirements.

In addition, the i950 servo inverter enhances the performance of the i700 servo inverter in our controller-based system in the range of 30 to 148 hp (22 to 110 kW).

Tolomatic IMA Actuator

The IMA is an integrated linear servo actuator design in a compact, heavy duty package.  Available in both ball and roller screw configurations, the IMA servo linear actuators provide forces up to 30.6 kN (6875 lbf) even in high duty cycle applications. The IMA utilizes a standard servo motor available with many feedback types. Available in food-grade coating for sanitary wash-down applications.

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